Call for Proposals

West Virginia University attracted more than 25,000 students in the first two massive online open courses (MOOCs) offered this fall. Faculty are invited to submit proposals for the next round of courses to be offered in Fall 2015. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with a global audience and develop materials that can also be used in your WVU class. Because the implementation of MOOCs is evolving we encourage consideration of one or two general education MOOC courses that may be embedded within a credit-bearing section and offered to tuition-paying students.


December 19 Pre-proposal Webinar

January 16 Pre-proposal Due

February 6 Decision on Pre-proposals

March 6 Final Proposals Due

March 30 Winning Proposals Notified

Fall 2015 Course Offered

Interesting Statistics On The First 2 Classes

New World, New Map: GPS for Today’s Music Industry

Enrollment: 4,577 of which 55 paid for the Signature Track
126 Countries – 33% US, 31% Emerging Countries

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Enrollment: 20,665 of which 897 paid for the Signature Track
86 Countries – 30% US, 34% Emerging Countries;

The FAFE professors surveyed their students and based upon responses from 1,762 learners they learned:

  • 67% male;
  • 36% ages 25-34
  • 52% employed full time; 35% bachelor’s degree, 36% master’s degree,
  • 70% not a student; 18% full-time students; 12% part-time students

See the full Request for Proposal here.